Turbocharging Serverless Research with vHive

Learn the foundations of serverless computing and how to innovate across its deep distributed software-hardware stack.

The tutorial is co-located with ASPLOS 2022 but is planned to be delivered in a hybrid, semi-virtual format.

March 1st, 2022.
Lausanne, Switzerland.


Dmitrii Ustiugov, David SchallBoris Grot (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Lazar Cvetković, Hongyu He, Tom Kuchler (ETH, Switzerland)
Rustem Feyzkhanov (Instrumental, USA)
Francisco Romero (Stanford University, USA)

Tutorial Description

This tutorial provides an overview of serverless cloud computing and introduces the vHive ecosystem, a full-stack open-source framework for serverless experimentation and innovation. The tutorial seeks to educate the community about serverless computing architecture and benchmarking methodology, and teach the researchers from the computer architecture and computer systems community to use vHive for their research. The tutorial includes a number of hands-on sessions on writing serverless applications, analyzing their performance in production and open-source serverless clouds as well as instrumenting and optimizing serverless infrastructure across the whole stack.

vHive Ecosystem


STeLLAR allows to benchmark serverless clouds' underlying sub-systems.


vHive is a full-stack open-source framework for serverless experimentation, integrating production technologies.


vSwarm benchmark suite contains 30+ microbenchmarks and 8 complex applications with distributed tracing and low-level profiling support.

Provisional Schedule

Serverless foundations & benchmarking with vSwarm


- Introduction to serverless clouds & the FaaS programming model
- Hands-on: Developing & deploying an app in production clouds
- vSwarm: A representative suite of serverless apps
- Hands-on: Benchmarking production clouds

Innovation & Evaluation with vHive


- vHive: open-source framework for serverless experimentation
- Hands-on: Profiling serverless hosts with vHive
- Hands-on: Tracing vSwarm workloads with vHive
- Hand-on: Running vHive & vSwarm in the Gem5 simulator

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