We are always looking for talented people to join our lab. If you enjoy working on exciting problems at the cross-roads of architecture, systems, and big data, please read this!


Boris Grot

Reader (Associate Professor)

Current Students

Amna Shahab

Ph.D. from 2015
Email: <amna.shahab [at]>
Research: Amna’s research interests lie in the domain of computer architecture and memory subsystems in particular. Currently, she is investigating memory subsystem design for emerging data-center applications.

M.R. Siavash Katebzadeh

Ph.D. from 2017
Email: <m.r.katebzadeh [at]>
Research: Siavash’s main research interests include computer networks and computer systems. Currently, he is working on optimizing Datacenter Networks (DCNs) with a focus on gaining high latency predictability.

Dmitrii Ustiugov

Ph.D. from 2019
Email: <dmitrii.ustiugov [at]>
Research: Dmitrii’s research interests span across Computer Architecture and Computer Systems with a focus on virtual memory design for cloud and serverless infrastructure.

David Schall

Ph.D. from 2020
Email: <D.H.Schall [at]>
Research: David’s research interests span across Computer Architecture and Systems with a particular interest in CPU microarchitecture. His current focus in on microarchitecture specialization for cloud computing.

Esra Nur Ayaz

Ph.D. from 2021
Email: <esra.ayaz [at]>

Former Members

Antonis Katsarakis. PhD 2021 (thesis). First employment: Huawei Research

Artemiy Margaritov. PhD 2021 (thesis). First employment: Huawei Research

Priyank Faldu. PhD: 2020 (thesis). First employment: ARM

Rakesh Kumar. Postdoc: Jan 2015 – Jun 2017 (co-supervised with Dr. Vijay Nagarajan).

Kuntai Du, Intern (Peking University)

Pramod Chunduri, Intern (IIT-Kanpur)

Siddharth Gupta, Intern (BITS-Pilani)